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Grip is a single player, first person, exploration and puzzle game in which you assume the role of Avery, a teenager learning to control telekinetic abilities that are powered by their emotions.

You must utilise Avery's abilities by moving objects such as boulders and logs to navigate the environment and find a way out of the forest canyon.

Grip was designed to be a short gameplay experience and is able to be completed in under an hour.

Grip was developed using the Unreal Engine by four person team, OneBar Games as part of their university graduation project.

Grip Website

OneBar Games Website


A) Install the game via the itch.io desktop app.

(this is the best way to ensure the game stays up-to-date)


B) Install Manually

  1) Download the zip file.

    2) Unpack the zip file.

      3) Launch Grip.exe


Operating System: Windows 10 64-bit

Power/Performance: Mid to High End Computer Graphics & Processor

DirectX: Version 12

Storage: 4.1 GB available space

Additional Notes: Lower graphic settings are available in the game’s Pause Menu > Options > Graphics.


Objects you can ‘Grip’ will turn your crosshair blue when hovering over them and you’re close enough to it.

Mechanics such as Push, Pull, Rotate, Launch and Lock, work best when the crosshair is close to the centre of the  object you’re connected to.


grip-windows.zip 2 GB
Version 4 59 days ago


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as the other comentator said before: this game slows down sometimes. or better: it somerimes, very rarely, runs with "OK" Fps. most of the time its between 2 and 9 FPS and well... its absolutely impossible to play. Ill link my video when its online, so you can see it on your own. please learn how to optimize and polish games, before releasin even the alpha, because this is an absolute disappointment, because everything else on the game is great

pretty but some extreme slowdown at times. gtx970